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As you consider your year-end charitable giving, please consider us! You can see on this web site the work we do. Our clients come to us for sensitive services which they desperately need and often cannot find elsewhere, much less afford them. Funding for our services continues to spiral downward, putting us at risk of needing to make more cutbacks. Won't you please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help us continue this important work? Please e mail (cindycmfh@yahoo.com) or call Cindy (570-387-0236) and we will make whatever arrangements are convenient to you. We don't have a "click to donate" button set up yet so we will need to do this on an individual basis. Thanks so much!

Holiday Closings

Columbia Montour Family Health will be closed the following times during the Christmas-New Year season:

Closed Wednesday, December 24 12:00 noon through Sunday, December 28.
         Re-open Monday, December 29, 9:00 AM
Closed Thursday, January 1
         Re-open Friday, January 2, 8:00 AM

Our staff and Board of Directors wish you and those you love a joyous and safe holiday season!


Your Health, Our Promise!

Columbia Montour Family Health is a non-profit health care organization providing medical and educational services.
  • All services are private and confidential.
  • We have a dedicated and caring professional staff
  • Patients may be eligible for free services or reduced fees based on income and other factors

  • Services are available to anyone who requests them

  • Although teens are encouraged to speak with their parents about their visit, consent is not necessary.

Mission Statement

Always remember that you are in charge of what happens to you here. We believe you have the right to these services and we will do our best to provide them in a competent, professional, friendly, and non-judgemental way.

These services include (but are not limited to):
  • Allowing everyone to plan the right number of children at the right time

  • Safeguarding health through prevention and early detection of STDs, HIV, cervical cancer, and breast cancer

  • Educating for healthy choices



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