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All women ages 21 and older should have yearly check-ups including a pelvic exam. It is also important to get regular Pap tests as recommended by the clinician. If she begins to have sexual intercourse or develops a problem before that age she should begin getting exams at that time. This allows early diagnosis and treatment of conditions that could affect her health and child-bearing capacity in the future. For example cervical cancer is curable if it is found early. Many women come here just for the exam, but this visit also gives them access to birth control prescriptions if needed.

It is important to know that babies born as a result of an unintended pregnancy are at higher risk of birth defects and other problems. Proper care BEFORE pregnancy reduces these risks. Some forms of birth control have health benefits in addition to preventing unintended pregnancy.

The need for regular exams continues throughout a woman's life. Women ages 40-64 may qualify for
Pennsylanvia's Healthy Woman Program, which provides free mammograms and Pap smears for uninsured income-eligible women.

Here's what will happen if you decide to come to us for this important care.

Call (570) 387-0236 for an appointment. We will do our best to schedule a convenient appointment as quickly as possible. You can be seen during the day or evening though we do not  have weekend hours.

    *  For
birth control, a gynecological exam may be needed.

    *  We do not keep Emergency Contraceptive Pills  in stock, but will be happy to talk to you about them. They can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription, making them available to you more quickly than we are able. You will need to start them within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. 

    *  For a pregnancy test your period should be at least 2 weeks late to ensure an accurate test result.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE if it is your first visit here you will need to fill out a medical history and a consent form. You will be shown our privacy policy. Then you will talk with a nurse or counselor who will determine your needs and provide the information you need to make choices about your care with us.

IF YOU ARE COMING FOR A PREGNANCY TEST you will not need an exam, so the nurse/counselor will be the only  medical staff you need to see. We will need a urine specimen so try not to to go to the bathroom for several hours before your appointment. The test only takes a few minutes & you get the results immediately.  The nurse/counselor can also answer questions about where you can go for care if you are pregnant. Sometimes a positive pregnancy test is joyful news; sometimes it is not. We offer non-directive options counseling if you need it. That means that we can discuss all available legal options and make any referrals you request. We will help you to think through all the elements of making this critical decision, but we will not tell you what you should do. That decision must be yours and we will respect and support you through this process.

YOUR EXAM will be done by a sensitive, qualified clinician. This may be a nurse-practitioner, physician's assistant, or doctor. Most of the time it is a woman. S/he will perform the examination or testing you came for and dispense or prescribe any treatment or supplies you need.

We keep most of these medications and supplies in stock and give them to you before you leave. The cost - if there is one - is usually about half the drugstore cost. If we don't have what you need or if your insurance requires it, we'll call a prescription in to your drugstore.

The clinician will discuss exam findings & tell you when test results will be available. We will call you only if there's a problem. They will tell you when you need to come back & make any referrals needed

LAST STOP! You will need to stop at the business office so we can get information on how to contact you if we need to do that. We will determine and collect your fee & schedule your next appointment.

If there is a fee, we accept cash, personal checks, ATM cards, Mastercard, Visa, many insurances, and Medical Assistance Access cards.

We are here because we believe you have a right to these services and we will do our very best to provide them in a competent, professional, friendly, and non-judgmental environment. Your questions are not only welcome - we love them! Your partner or friend is welcome if you feel more comfortable having them near


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