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Q. Is everything confidential?
A. Yes! We tell no one about your visit without your written consent. Parental consent is not required.

Q. Does that mean Columbia Montour Family
Health will see people under age 18 without their parents permission?

A. Yes! We encourage young people to talk to their family about their visit, but we do not require it.

Q. Do I need an appointment?
A. Yes. Your time is valuable, we want to be sure there is someone available to see you when you arrive. Please call 570-387-0236 to set up an appointment  convenient for you.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. There is no simple answer. Refer to the "Fees and Costs" tab in the box on the right.

Q. How long will my visit last?
A. STD visits last a half hour, your first family planning visits will last approximately one hour. Visits after that will be shorter.

Q. How do I prepare for my visit?
A. For pregnancy tests and most STD visits we will need a urine specimen, so do not use bathroom for several hours before your appointment. For women's STD and family planning visits, there should be nothing in the vagina for 48 hours.  

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Thinking about becoming a patient?
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