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Columbia Montour Family Health
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RECEPTIONIST – Ashley is the first person you will meet! She answers the phone, makes appointments and directs your call if you need to talk with another staff member.  She may ask some rather personal questions, but that is so that she can schedule your appointment with the staff member who is best able to help you. Please check in at the window when you arrive. we'll be happy to see you!

Next you will meet one of our medical staff.  Depending on your visit it could be:

Medical Assistant– The MA handles patient education, pill checks, Depo-Provera injections, pregnancy tests, telephone questions, patient education and so much more. She may be the one who calls you with test results. She also can assess eligibility for the Family Planning Services program under DHS, formerly known as Select Plan, the complexities of the Healthy Woman program, and a mountain of paperwork related to all that!

NURSE-PRACTITIONER – Exams are done by Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners. Swanee is a registered nurse who has gone on for further training and can perform basic health assessments, gynecological exams and the testing involved with them. Nurse Practitioners also diagnose infections (and prescribe medications for them), and prescribe contraception under the direction of our medical director, an OB/GYN Physician. They are competent, sensitive professionals who do their best to make you feel comfortable.

Swanee is also Columbia Montour Family Health's Executive Director - a very talented and busy lady!

After your exam is done you will meet one more person.

- After your visit is done, you will meet with Dee, our office manager. She is in charge of all financial matters– determining and collecting fees (from patients, insurance companies, or whoever is paying the bill), handling the book work for the agency, and maintaining records for our funders. She manages to stay cheerful and helpful, even under a huge load of paperwork. If you have billing questions, she’s the one who can answer them!

COMMUNITY EDUCATOR –  Call for information.

Meet our staff